The 10th West Scare House is Logan's newest and awesome-est Halloween attraction, located at 900 N 1000 W in Logan, Utah. This is a place you're likely to never forget and may never return from... Unlike a lot of haunted attractions, we pride ourselves in offering "tasteful scaring" without resorting to over-the-top gore. With more than 4000 square feet of haunting space indoors and more than two acres of amazing outdoor fun, we welcome all guests who dare to enter.



See where all the fun and scares begin...



Here are some of the unlucky dates you can expect us to be in full operation... The 10th West Scare House has an indoor and an outdoor venue.  If you purchase both venues, you will get two tickets (one for indoors and one for outdoors).  If the weather isn't cooperating to be outdoors, you can reserve your outdoor ticket for another night.

There's nothing deadlier than high pricing, but you'll find none of that here.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.  We'll see you at the viewing...

* Price includes sales tax. All tickets are good for one admission on any date and

are non-refundable... unless we see you in the afterlife.

•  Live performers, cinematic illusions, lights, loud sounds, automatronic elements and images. The 10th West Scare House is designed to startle you and uses a variety of techniques and scenes to do so.


•  Security. Staff will be throughout the premises to escort people through the scare house and grounds and ensure a safe experience for all visitors.


•  Cold. A portion of the 10th West Scare House experience is outdoors -- dress accordingly. We will not close in case of inclement weather. If it's too cold or rainy for you, you can come again at a different time: tickets are valid for one admission any day.

•  Harassment. Performers are trained to interact with and startle guests, but they will not touch or hassle you.


•  Satanic imagery.


•  Excessive guts and gore.


•  An age limit. We do not recommend the experience for young children, but we instead advise parents to use their own discretion.  There is loud noises, spooky noises & music, actors jumping out and wearing masks and makeup. If your child is easily scared by these kinds of things, think better of it.

If you have something to say, go ahead and say it, but realize they may be your last words...


Thanks to Reminderband for helping with our event by making our awesome tyvek wristbands!

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Family Place Donation Night

$5 of every ticket goes towards the Family Place

Opens at 7:30 pm

Blackout Night • Opens at 7:30 pm

All the lights are OFF!  Just you your friends and a flashlight!

Warnings and policies for our delightful guests:


THIS ATTRACTION MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. Young children should not be allowed in this haunted house.

This haunted house attraction utilizes strobe lights, extremely loud noises, fog effects, realistic props, power tools, uneven flooring, tight spaces, and in some cases no lights at all. It is intended to be frightening. Performers are specifically trained to scare you.


Women who are pregnant and individuals who suffer from heart conditions, high blood pressure, asthma, seizures, light sensitivity, claustrophobia, or any other health condition that could be aggravated by these special effects should consider this warning before purchasing a ticket. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items in the attraction or around the building, including parking areas.


Purchase of a ticket to this attraction is considered acknowledgment of these warnings as well as the assumption of any and all risks associated with entering this attraction.  There are absolutely NO REFUNDS after you purchase a ticket, even if you do not enter the attraction.

Unruly behavior, foul language, destruction of property, inappropriate contact of performers, or any other unacceptable behavior is grounds for immediate removal from the haunted house. If necessary, we will call the police to report any such behavior.


By Entering the 10th West Scare House, you waive any injury or talent claims whatsoever and accept these terms and conditions.  Specifically, you claim no copyright interest in your image if taken and used as part of any web sites, any video images, or any promotional materials for the 10th West Scare House or others. You hereby RELEASE ALL BROADCAST & TALENT RIGHTS.

Watch behind the scream videos, reviews and more from previous years...


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